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Home Retreat

Welcome Home.

METRO invites you to our third annual church-wide retreat. Our hope is for you to delight in the Lord, find rest, and connect with others.


Black Rock Retreat
1345 Kirkwood Pike,
Quarryville, PA, 17566
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Friday, May 1 – Sunday, May 3

Retreat Objectives

Our theme is “Home”. It is our hope that those who attend will experience the following:
  • Delight in the Lord; retreats provide a change in context, a weekend of spiritual focus, and great opportunities to hear God’s word and worship as a body.
  • Rest for the soul; as Christians, we are called to rest in Jesus; this retreat is designed to provide opportunities for you to rest in various dimensions: physically, contemplatively, worshipfully, recreationally, and in community. You can sign up for golf, connect with others deeply along the harbor (at the retreat site), engage in sports onsite, sleep, snack.
  • Deeper connection with “family”; retreats are designed to provide concentrated opportunities to connect, do life, and rest with others—which can lead to developing valuable relationships along one’s spiritual journey. We do not believe in structured recreation or ice-breakers; however, there will be small group times for sharing and praying together—and opportunities to organically demonstrate love.


Early Bird Rates
(* First 60 paid registrants only)
Couple ( per person )
Child ( 4+ )
Regular Rates
Couple ( per person )
Child ( 4+ )
Saturday Day Pass Rates


Rev. Dr. Douglas Logan, Jr.
Pastor Santosh John

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Early Bird pricing work?
The first 60 paid registrants will receive a discounted rate. Those who register but do not pay before the cutoff will have their rates increased to the regular rate.
What meals will be provided?
Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast (snacks provided after worship) will be provided.
What should I expect for lodging and accommodations?
You can expect hotel style rooms (Maranatha Retreat Center & Dogwood Motel) with all linens & towels provided. Families will be placed in one room (please bring your own travel pens for toddlers/infants, if necessary); couples will most likely have their own rooms. Single adults and college students will be placed with friends, with best attempts to keep good friends together.
Is there a recommended packing list?
Bible, Notebook, Pen/Pencil, Spring Clothing for three days (casual and recreational gear), Jacket/Coat, Sunday outfit (for church on Sunday morning), Sneakers, Toiletries, Eyewear/Lenses, Computers/iPads (if necessary). Please be sensitive to our body by not bringing alcohol or drugs onsite.
Is financial aid available?
If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please do not let finances prevent you from participating in the retreat. Please register and visit the Payment Center to submit a financial aid request. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by no later than Wednesday, April 15th. All requests for aid will be maintained in full confidence.
Are all children charged for retreat participation?
No, only children 4+ are charged at a reduced rate.
Will there be a separate children’s and/or toddlers’ worship program?
Yes; on Friday and Saturday, all children and toddlers can participate in a separate Friday evening program, as well as a separate morning and evening worship program. The evening program will take place earlier so that the children can sleep earlier; we suggest one parent be present per child at each of the children’s worship sessions.
How will our children be cared for during adult recreational periods?
Although additional volunteers will be available, after much consideration, it has been recommended that fathers coordinate and take all children during one-half of Saturday afternoon’s recreational period (2 hours), followed by mothers taking over children during the other half (2 hours). As our toddlers grow into young children, greater possibilities will avail regarding worship and recreation.
Is there an official social media hashtag?
Yes, we will be using #MetroHomeRetreat.
I have another question.
Feel free to contact us at