East Falls

As of May 9th, 2021, East Falls will be opening its doors to limited-capacity in-person services. Register or learn more through our In-Person page. We will still be offering our livestreams, which can be found on our livestream page. If you have any questions, or would like to connect to our leaders, please see our Contact page or email us at contact@metrophilly.org

We are grateful you are taking time to learn more about our church! God does amazing things when people gather together to pursue Him. Lives are transformed, hope is found, and chains are broken through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Come join us at East Falls this Sunday as we seek to make much of Jesus and learn how to follow Him!

Metro East Falls

4200 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129
Parking Information:
Street parking available side-streets between Ridge Avenue and Kelly Drive. Parking is free on Sundays.

Street parking available Ridge Ave between Merrick Road and Heritage Drive, Calumet Street and Midvale Avenue, and Indian Queen Lane and Route 1/Roosevelt Expressway. Parking is free on Sundays.

Street parking available on Midvale Avenue between Ridge Avenue and Cresson Street. Parking is free on Sundays.

Municipal Parking Lot between North and South Ferry Road, next to In Riva Restaurant and Trolley Car Cafe. Requires $1 payment at automated kiosk.

Sundays at East Falls

Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 safety protocols and what to expect while visting our limited-capacity services.

Nursery, Toddlers, and Children

As of May 2021, we have temporarily suspended all in-person children activities. You can find our Virtual Children's Sunday School here. We will still have a nursery available for newborns and toddlers. Contact children@metrophilly.org for details prior to your visit if you have questions.

What To Expect

Our Dress
The overall atmosphere is casual, reflective, and open to everyone. We do not emphasize any form of dress code, and thus, maintain a casual (business casual) style of dress in our worship; we certainly do not look down on anyone’s form of dress in our Sunday Worship Services. We welcome and desire to foster a diverse culture: all ethnicities, all socio-economic classes, all educational backgrounds, all occupations and professions, and all stages of life. In essence, we respect the diversity of dress in our community, and request that all participants merely maintain a respectful sensitivity to our community, since worship is both personal and corporate in nature.

Our Worship Style

Worship at Metro consists of a blend of Gospel-centric historical and contemporary lyrics and melodies—in many cases, rearranged from their historical origins. God has blessed our team with talented musicians who love Jesus and his Gospel, and serve his church through contemporary and classical forms of music with refreshed arrangements of hymns. The emphasis on our worship “style” was not casually developed; our music is intentional—to engage the whole person to hear the Word of God and respond to it.

Our Liturgy—Our Order Of Worship

We have a bulletin that explicitly details the order of our worship each Sunday. Each “stage” or “function” of our worship consists of various cycles of celebrating and experiencing the Gospel. Every church, whether or not they have a bulletin, maintains an order of worship; we believe that each component of our worship is necessary for worship and renewal, as directed throughout Scripture and the history of the church. A presider will lead us through the various components of our service—explaining each component as we progress through the service.

Our Preaching—The Gospel Lesson

We believe that a regular diet of biblical preaching is important to the life of our community, and thus, we desire to engage our congregation weekly through biblical preaching and counsel. Each Gospel Lesson ranges between 30-40 minutes, and is drawn from the Scriptural text on which the teaching is based. Our teaching is not moralistic in nature, although you will learn what it means to live a transformed life. Our teaching is centered around the Person of Jesus Christ and the Work of Jesus Christ, and engages the our heart’s deepest affections. Please feel free to review a sermon sample online.

Volunteers For Worship

If you are new to our church or city, and would like to plug into our community, consider volunteering for our Sunday ministries. We believe that serving in a ministry goes beyond the performance of the task itself, but more about becoming part of the body of Christ, and serving one another as Jesus demonstrated for us on the cross. We have opportunities available for the Welcome Center, Ushering, our Book Table, and the Fellowship Table. Contact worship@metrophilly.org if you are interested.