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About Our Fellowship

At Metro, we desire to create a warm, safe environment, where our children experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the moment they walk through our doors. Since we believe this occurs at any age level, we strive to present the Gospel in an age-appropriate manner through worship songs, Scripture memory, activities, crafts, and Bible lessons pointing to Jesus as the ultimate “hero” of each story. We want to assist and support parents in the Christian nurture of their children by reinforcing the truths of the Gospel at church, as it is applied and lived out at home. As a team, we are committed to finding creative ways to bring the Gospel to life. As our children continue to build relationships with their teachers and one another, our hope is that each child will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, and grow to embrace the values of Metro.

Our Program Includes

  • Age-appropriate worship and “liturgical” flow
  • Scriptural lesson and Gospel-centered counsel
  • Take-home “bulletin” for parents to reinforce with their children
  • Background checks, disclosures, and training for all volunteer staff
  • At least one “conference” with parents and/or guardians

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