The Women’s Fellowship at METRO is centered on the power of God’s Word to bring true hope, Gospel joy, and fellowship among our women. We believe that all Scripture is from God, and is useful for teaching, training, and shaping our lives according to Christ’s righteousness and love. We meet regularly, gathering for the purpose of Bible study and regular discipleship. Our meetings are opportunities to hear insights that the Lord reveals specifically through His Word, as well as incorporating times of sharing and praying to hear one another’s reflections, as we care for, and support, one another corporately. As we grow in our intimacy with God through His Word, we are changed in our relationships with each other, increasing in love and humility as a body of women who serve in Christ’s church. The hope of the Women’s Fellowship is that these studies will lead to a greater love for Jesus Christ, a deeper trust and reliance on His Word, and a service towards others as a fellowship of women.

All women in the church are invited to join us for our bi-monthly gathering. For more information, please contact our Women’s Fellowship coordinator at angela@metrophilly.org.