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Toward the Son

Spoken word poet Alexandra Green writes and delivers a powerful original poem called "Toward the Son" for Metro's Resurrection Sunday Easter Service (April 17, 2022). Directed and Produced by Metro Church in Philadelphia.

"Toward The Son"

Without the sun
out at sea
we were lost
our rite to life
our raft of redemption
beneath the waves
washing us in our inability to bring peace

tossed over the brink
we had been led by the compass of our hearts
stranded out at sea
grasping for anything

pulled further into ourselves
our journey, had been turned into a game of survival of the fittest
a whirlwind of egos
encased in a cycle of misery
ricocheting against the walls of eternity
causing our hope to cease
sending bullets into the night
flooding the streets
the shouts of the people
our plea
and our fear
to God


our cries have not become
our help
because this city is drowning amidst its hollow soliloquies
our hands extend into the crimson deep
our love hasn’t been where it is needed
abraising life to salvage pleasure
we are consumed with ourselves and our ability to bring peace
in this bloody sea of brotherly love
we cannot keep ourselves afloat
our raft must sink
just to survive,
inorder to live not

we send up a flare
surrendering our rights as captain
accepting a position as a crew mate
on a ship traveling towards the dawn
in the direction of the son
following what is known
we have an opportunity to turn around

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